Cogent Bay Inc., in association with 3N Realty Advisors, LLC, is dedicated to improving occupancy and increasing rental rates. We will target Apartments for Investment with favorable demographics, limited supply and access to capital. As an apartment REIT expect several years of both internal and external growth. Our subsidiary Partnership will invest in alternative energy initiatives that produce electricity from photovoltaic cells.

New Opportunities for Value Added Growth

When Compass Pointe is completed and leased, we anticipate a public offering of this and other assets. Therefore Cogent Bay, Inc. will pursue investment opportunities in value added growth prospects that will provide investors with the potential for equity value enhancement, alongside a strong current dividend yield.

Investment Strategy for maximum performance

Keen insight with your success in mind
Within the first six months, Cogent Bay will invest up to $200,000,000.00 to execute an initial “all income” investment strategy, providing investors with an attractive dividend yield.

Executive team

Achieving Your Investment Goals Together

David Sowels


Mr. Sowels is a 40 plus year veteran of the California real estate market, having personally sold over $100,000,000 in commercial and residential real estate since first becoming a licensed real estate broker in California in 1970. In addition to founding the company, Mr. Sowels remains a Principal and founder of both Compass Pointe Off Campus, LLC a real estate brokerage firm, and Exsolarent Energy Group, INC. a solar energy firm. Both Compass Pointe Off Campus, LLC and Exsolarent Energy are located in Fairfield, California. Within his real estate experience in the States of Texas, Arizona, Nevada and California, Mr. Sowels has completed development of over $24,000,000 in custom and estate homes, and has also completed commercial developments of over $32,000,000 including an AC Transit headquarters building in Oakland, California. Mr. Sowels is currently the manager of two companies, a CPOC. and Exsolarent Energy Group, INC. Mr. Sowels is currently licensed as a real estate broker in California and maintains the GRI designation. He is also included in other ventures such as Waterfall Vineyards and Private Residence Clubs. Mr. Sowels has served on the Oakland Economic Development Committee, and is a former Director of the Oakland Board of Realtors. Mr. Sowels is an active member of his church and homeless ministries. An avid tennis player, Sowels currently resides in Fairfield, California.

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